Monday, February 27, 2006

Another day, another dollar

Well didnt make to the doctor today about my ears but that is okay. They are not bothering me to much, so that is good.

Changed my shift at work, which gets me home 30 minutes earlier now, so that is nice.
I have several techs that work under me and 3 other "team leads" or floor supervisors for a major ISP that is in 28 states. We have some good techs, and then some bad techs. Then we have some really really funny ones that you never know what to expect them to ask the customers.

So far my favorite one has been when a tech asked what the computers the customer had networked together say to each other. Talk about being to much.

Oh im on myspace now also, so if you click my link on the right you will get my profile there....If your interested that is...

well signing off for now....

l8r a11

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Check list of the day

Washed clothes = done
unloaded dishwasher = done
played WoW = done for several hours
spanked my wife = not yet, but hopefully later tonite. :D

Anyway, it has been a lazy day for the most part but still the nagging ear ache. It now has settled into both ears and cant hear worth a durn.

Awww crap, forgot what time it is. Time to go watch Iron Chef America.

Be back later, maybe......

Day Two: the second post

Well just playing around here and seeing what all I can do with this blog. Got me a counter added, and changed a few settings.

I will keep playing with it and see what else I can do.

Day Two: And the thobbing goes on.....

Well I can officially say that my ear hurst like a freaking....a freaking....something. I can not hear out of my right ear at the moment and my balance is way off. I guess this is what it is like to be drunk. I guess it is off to the doctors tomorrow to get some medicine for the ear.

Joy Joy.

Any way, I made some really good brownies yesterday. They have extra Hershey Bars mixed in. They are yummy.

Now for something totally different, here is a picture of an evil monkey.

First gentle

Well this is my first post here. I guess I will start a daily or bi-daily or when-ever-I-want-to blog. Not much to say yet, this is really just a test post that will show me what this all looks like.

I will be back, once my freaking ear stops hurting...damn sinuses ...