Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Welll its been a while....

Since i last posted. I had a scare last week. I had a stroke at 30 years of age. I also found out that I 6 pinched nerves in my neck that is causing me a lot of pain.

To be quite frankly honest, Im terrified right now. I have been in pain in my head since last week and I have trouble concentrating and reading. It is hard to focus on things without them blurring out or swimming on the page.

I have had a couple of MRI's and Cat Scans done. I will probably be having a MRA done soon. All i know is that i need something positive to happen and for God to help me though this.

I also worry about how this is affecting my wife. She is a worrier and this has her worried big time. I am constantly asking her if something is wrong but she wont really answer me. Makes it worse on me cause i think i have done something to make her mad and that raises my stress level alot. I know it is because she just worried but it still hurts when she wont talk about it. It makes me want to cry cause she cant open up to me about her worries and fears. I know that a lot of it is due to how I acted in the past but it still hurts and I dont think she realizes how bad it affects me.

I will be honest, the way I was feeling last thursday when this happened, I thought i was either going to die or have some brain damage due to it hurting so bad. Luckly so far, nothing permenant has been determined, but i have noticed that it is harder for me to read and focus on stuff.

All i ask for anyone that reads this is for your thoughts and prays....


Friday, April 07, 2006

Whew...been a long time since I last posted...

Well, soccer season is finally over and done with. Thank goodness. It was fun but exhausting. The last two weekends we had 5 games each. That makes for a lot of running around. Both of the kids team did very well, they each only lost one game.

At the work front, Im still working the team lead position and don't know when I will be off of it. Its nice, but I would like to know what is going to I go back to graveyard or stay where I am at?????? The not knowing is a pain....

I also have been depressed...everything that is going on is just so overwhelming....not to mention finances are bad...just makes for a very stressing time. I will be going out to look for a part time job, for the morning time and hopefully i can find something that will work...need something for the weekdays but not for the wife works those now and i will need to stay home to watch the kids....just going to make for a crazy time is all...

Well enough of this...time to get ready and head out...

Wish me luck...


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Weekend update....

Well it has been a very very busy weekend. Both kids had soccer matches on Saturday, with my daughter having two matches. Good news is that both of them won their games and both of their teams are undefeated so far.

Go Blazers and Go Powder Puff Girls.

Yes, my daughters team name is Powder Puffs. But what do you expect for a team of 4 and 5 year old girls :D

Then on Sunday, we had a team practice for the Blazer's, my sons team. Goodness but those boys wore me out. They kept complaining that I was running them to hard :D Told them that was my job. They are a great bunch of boys. LOL one of the smallest ones kept trying to knock me down. It was funny.

Also, my brother-in-law has come to stay with us for awhile due to him going though a divorce and having some very serious medical issues due to his diabetes. He just got out of the hospital today after being in ICU for a few days. This will be a big adjustment, but I don't see any problems with it. We get along good and so do he and my wife.

Well that is all for now. Time to play some WoW.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Geez my co workers :D

Setup a coworker a blog and he keeps asking me what it is....i send him the link over and over again. Geez...finally made him right it down so maybe he will remember it.....

I still respect you Mr Hayes.....:D

Other than that, it is a normal day in the office. Suffering idiots and outages in the great state of Missouri.

All will be well. It is almost time to leave...

I leave you with this parting thought.....When you break wind, make sure to do it in a co-workers cubicle to share the love :D


Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Great Soccer Matches part Deux

Well Michael's soccer match was delayed for 30 minutes due to the match before his not starting on time. Once it got under way, Micheal's team, The Blazers, dominated the match and ended up winning 8 to 3.

The opposing teams coach was very harsh and angry with her team cause they were not doing what she wanted. The funniest thing to happen, was her own son scored a goal, for our team. :D She did not take to kindly to it...

Well time to get the pictures downloaded to the computer..


The Great Soccer Matches....

Today is the day for the first soccer matches of the year. Annalee has already had her first match and her team won 6 to 0. There is nothing like watching abunch of 4 and 5 year olds running up and down the field trying to kick a ball into a goal about 4 feet wide. One little girl kicked in either 4 or 5 of the goals on Anna's team.

It was start to make some of the opposing teams mothers angry that she was so good. I thought we might have a soccer mom show down. :D

Micheal's match is coming up in about an hour so we will be leaving the house soon. I will have to try and post some pictures of the matches once we get back.

I wish everyone a good day....


Friday, March 03, 2006

Ramblings from work

well here i am at was freaking busy early on but now it is slowing down and it is nice. Though we do have a couple of techs that the other team leads and i have to take turns answering. They are just only so much you can take of stupid questions at once..

The same question over and over and over and over and over and over.....well you get the picture. It can get very very frustrating to say the least. We joke that we have to "tag out" for the next lead to go answer their questions.

Other than that, it has been a fairly good night other than least as far as I can though somebody....and there are a few up here that i would like to chunk.

My Mother is taking the kids to the circus along with my nieces. I do not envy her. Going to be a handle full and the kids will be exhausted and they both have their first soccer games of the season. My daughter Anna has two tomorrow and my son Mike has one. Going to be a busy day...

well signing off for now...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

MMMMMMMmmmmMMM....Peking is good

Goodness but I love me some Peking....I have been wanting it now for about a month but never went because i dont like to go by myself. I got lucky today. My wife told me she had a craving for some Peking and we had it for lunch. Talk about good.They had the orange chicken, sweet & sour chicken, and all manners of good stuff.

MMMMmmMMMMmmmMMMMmmmmm Good.

Another, have you ever wonder why they named a dish Crab puffs when there is no crab meat in them. Its only cream cheese and a breading that is deep fat fried. Nothing resembling a crab, but still darn delicious. Especially with some sweet & sour sauce.

Man I am full right now.

Well it will be off to work here soon. Dont know what will happen today or what will be said by some of the techs that work under me, but im sure it will be interesting. If any thing interesting happens, I will make a entry on it.

Still love the "what are the computers saying to each other" comment by one of the female techs....Just to good...

Signing off for now....


Monday, February 27, 2006

Another day, another dollar

Well didnt make to the doctor today about my ears but that is okay. They are not bothering me to much, so that is good.

Changed my shift at work, which gets me home 30 minutes earlier now, so that is nice.
I have several techs that work under me and 3 other "team leads" or floor supervisors for a major ISP that is in 28 states. We have some good techs, and then some bad techs. Then we have some really really funny ones that you never know what to expect them to ask the customers.

So far my favorite one has been when a tech asked what the computers the customer had networked together say to each other. Talk about being to much.

Oh im on myspace now also, so if you click my link on the right you will get my profile there....If your interested that is...

well signing off for now....

l8r a11

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Check list of the day

Washed clothes = done
unloaded dishwasher = done
played WoW = done for several hours
spanked my wife = not yet, but hopefully later tonite. :D

Anyway, it has been a lazy day for the most part but still the nagging ear ache. It now has settled into both ears and cant hear worth a durn.

Awww crap, forgot what time it is. Time to go watch Iron Chef America.

Be back later, maybe......

Day Two: the second post

Well just playing around here and seeing what all I can do with this blog. Got me a counter added, and changed a few settings.

I will keep playing with it and see what else I can do.

Day Two: And the thobbing goes on.....

Well I can officially say that my ear hurst like a freaking....a freaking....something. I can not hear out of my right ear at the moment and my balance is way off. I guess this is what it is like to be drunk. I guess it is off to the doctors tomorrow to get some medicine for the ear.

Joy Joy.

Any way, I made some really good brownies yesterday. They have extra Hershey Bars mixed in. They are yummy.

Now for something totally different, here is a picture of an evil monkey.

First gentle

Well this is my first post here. I guess I will start a daily or bi-daily or when-ever-I-want-to blog. Not much to say yet, this is really just a test post that will show me what this all looks like.

I will be back, once my freaking ear stops hurting...damn sinuses ...