Sunday, March 12, 2006

Weekend update....

Well it has been a very very busy weekend. Both kids had soccer matches on Saturday, with my daughter having two matches. Good news is that both of them won their games and both of their teams are undefeated so far.

Go Blazers and Go Powder Puff Girls.

Yes, my daughters team name is Powder Puffs. But what do you expect for a team of 4 and 5 year old girls :D

Then on Sunday, we had a team practice for the Blazer's, my sons team. Goodness but those boys wore me out. They kept complaining that I was running them to hard :D Told them that was my job. They are a great bunch of boys. LOL one of the smallest ones kept trying to knock me down. It was funny.

Also, my brother-in-law has come to stay with us for awhile due to him going though a divorce and having some very serious medical issues due to his diabetes. He just got out of the hospital today after being in ICU for a few days. This will be a big adjustment, but I don't see any problems with it. We get along good and so do he and my wife.

Well that is all for now. Time to play some WoW.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Geez my co workers :D

Setup a coworker a blog and he keeps asking me what it is....i send him the link over and over again. Geez...finally made him right it down so maybe he will remember it.....

I still respect you Mr Hayes.....:D

Other than that, it is a normal day in the office. Suffering idiots and outages in the great state of Missouri.

All will be well. It is almost time to leave...

I leave you with this parting thought.....When you break wind, make sure to do it in a co-workers cubicle to share the love :D


Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Great Soccer Matches part Deux

Well Michael's soccer match was delayed for 30 minutes due to the match before his not starting on time. Once it got under way, Micheal's team, The Blazers, dominated the match and ended up winning 8 to 3.

The opposing teams coach was very harsh and angry with her team cause they were not doing what she wanted. The funniest thing to happen, was her own son scored a goal, for our team. :D She did not take to kindly to it...

Well time to get the pictures downloaded to the computer..


The Great Soccer Matches....

Today is the day for the first soccer matches of the year. Annalee has already had her first match and her team won 6 to 0. There is nothing like watching abunch of 4 and 5 year olds running up and down the field trying to kick a ball into a goal about 4 feet wide. One little girl kicked in either 4 or 5 of the goals on Anna's team.

It was start to make some of the opposing teams mothers angry that she was so good. I thought we might have a soccer mom show down. :D

Micheal's match is coming up in about an hour so we will be leaving the house soon. I will have to try and post some pictures of the matches once we get back.

I wish everyone a good day....


Friday, March 03, 2006

Ramblings from work

well here i am at was freaking busy early on but now it is slowing down and it is nice. Though we do have a couple of techs that the other team leads and i have to take turns answering. They are just only so much you can take of stupid questions at once..

The same question over and over and over and over and over and over.....well you get the picture. It can get very very frustrating to say the least. We joke that we have to "tag out" for the next lead to go answer their questions.

Other than that, it has been a fairly good night other than least as far as I can though somebody....and there are a few up here that i would like to chunk.

My Mother is taking the kids to the circus along with my nieces. I do not envy her. Going to be a handle full and the kids will be exhausted and they both have their first soccer games of the season. My daughter Anna has two tomorrow and my son Mike has one. Going to be a busy day...

well signing off for now...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

MMMMMMMmmmmMMM....Peking is good

Goodness but I love me some Peking....I have been wanting it now for about a month but never went because i dont like to go by myself. I got lucky today. My wife told me she had a craving for some Peking and we had it for lunch. Talk about good.They had the orange chicken, sweet & sour chicken, and all manners of good stuff.

MMMMmmMMMMmmmMMMMmmmmm Good.

Another, have you ever wonder why they named a dish Crab puffs when there is no crab meat in them. Its only cream cheese and a breading that is deep fat fried. Nothing resembling a crab, but still darn delicious. Especially with some sweet & sour sauce.

Man I am full right now.

Well it will be off to work here soon. Dont know what will happen today or what will be said by some of the techs that work under me, but im sure it will be interesting. If any thing interesting happens, I will make a entry on it.

Still love the "what are the computers saying to each other" comment by one of the female techs....Just to good...

Signing off for now....